With Paul Anka at: "LE CLUB"

At "Le Club" in Manhattan Mike plays his electronic keyboard backing Paul's special version of "Lady Is A Tramp."



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Charles "Honi" Coles and Mike Cossi at Kippy's Pier 44 (1987)

Charles "Honi" Coles, an actor, singer and tap-dancer known from appearances in films: Cotton Club, Dirty Dancing and Broadway show: My One and Only starring Tommy Tune and Twiggy was a daily guest at Kippy's Pier 44 in Milford Plaza Hotel. There he often joined Mike Cossi on stage singing: How Deep Is the Ocean and Ghost Of A Chance.

On one occasion "Honi," shocked Mike proclaiming with conviction:

"Mike, you sing blues as good as anybody I know . . . and I kidd'ya not!"

Reminiscing on his statement Mike confessed to his friends: "To hear this from "Honi" was like getting blessing from the Pope. I would never call myself a blues singer but I know I feel it and comes naturally to me. I also know that "Honi" Coles knew all the best blues singers in a world personally and never made embarrassing statements even after too many drinks."

Earle Warren and Mike Cossi at the Lorelei, Manhattan, New York.

In 70s Mike played trumpet and guitar at the Lorelei, East 86 St. between Second and Third Ave. in Manhattan with prominent Count Basie's sideman Earle Warren.

After Earle left and went to Europe to play jazz concerts Mike took over the band and stayed at the Lorelei for next three years.

Earle worked with Count Basie big band for 11 years. He died on June 4th 1994 three weeks before his 80th birthday.


Above Mike's picture with guitar.

Mike always considered himself a singer and trumpet player but his listeners often thought otherwise. One night at the Kippy's Pier 44 a gentleman approached him and asked:

"Where is your guitar? You didn't play guitar tonight?"

"Well, I didn't feel like bringing it in tonight."
"But, I told my wife what a good guitarist you are and she came tonight to listen to your guitar playing."

"I'm awfully sorry I'll bring guitar tomorrow."
"We're going back to Kansas tomorrow morning."

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